Proyecto Quantum Explore

Quantum Computing and Quantum Physics

Consulting, development and research project in Quantum Computing and Quantum Physics

Quantum Explore Project

Quantum Explore is a research and development project in Quantum Computing. From the point of view of the development of this discipline, the project includes both training and dissemination activities. In the field of research, it focuses on common Quantum Computing topics: development of new algorithms, analysis of quantum error control, discrete quantum computing models, etc; but also in the study of the feasibility of quantum technologies that it approaches in an integral way, from a critical position with the fundamentals of Quantum Physics.

Quantum Explore started in January 2021 with the launch, by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), of the Master in Quantum Computing Technology. In August 2022, an informative article related to a discrete model of quantum computing was published; Cómo jugar al hipercubo de Rubik cuántico; and, in November of the same year, a new training initiative from the UPM was incorporated into the project: the Quantum Programming Online Courses.

The Quantum Explore project website includes, in addition to the Master and Online Courses pages, a research page, a consulting services page, a quantum games page, with the quantum hypercube as the first entry, and a blog, for the dissemination of the results of the project and, in general, of the area.

Activities and Services



  1. Title of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
  2. 60 credits.
  3. 100% online.


Quantum Programming Online Courses (coming soon)
  1. Expert Title of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
  2. 118 courses of 1 credit each.
  3. MOOC format.



Research in Quantum Computing (coming soon)
  1. Development of quantum algorithms.
  2. Quantum error control.
  3. Fundamentals of Quantum Computing.
  4. Discrete quantum computing.



Quantum Computing Consulting (coming soon)
  1. Size of real quantum computers/problems.
  2. Development of real quantum implementations.



Quantum games - latest entries

Project Manager

Dr. Jesús Lacalle (UPM)

Jesús Lacalle has published numerous articles on Quantum Computing, among which his Discrete Quantum Computing model and his formula for the variance of the sum of two independent errors in quantum computing stand out.
He has directed five Final Degree/Master's Projects on Quantum Computing, one of which received the School's award for the best Final Degree Project, and two doctoral theses on Quantum Computing, one of which won an extraordinary PhD award from University. He is currently directing one more doctoral thesis on Quantum Computing.


Finally, he is also the Director of the Master in Quantum Computing Technology and of the Quantum Programming Online Courses at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Jesús Lacalle